The 2011 LIFE art series has been created using photographic images collected over a twenty year span of memorable moments, people, connections with the natural world, animals and the wild bush. Through being born in Africa and living a safari-filled life in Kenya, there comes a certain luminosity seen through countless sunrises and sunsets, days and nights in open country, and a photo historical interaction with the wildlife and the people of the continent. The colours used in the LIFE series give the presence and vitality of Africa by creating different formats and innovative ways of developing my perception and my love of Africa.

Old Masai Ox skins and birthing mats have been stitched into the framing, ash from Maasai witchdoctors fires, organic copper and gold powders, natural inks, ostrich shell beads, white Kisongo bead work and layers of subtle texture are combined spontaneously as background, layered by hand, thumb and brush. The finishing layers of resin are dried separately applying more colours and inks between each coat, bringing life and intensity to each piece of art. The luminous and rich quality of resin is much like Africa: magically appealing, mysterious and dimensional and for this reason it enhances and perfectly showcases the art.

The 2011 LIFE series is an evolving, continuing collection. Each piece is unique and cannot be recreated again. I believe a piece is not totally finished until it satisfies my imagination and feeling with a sense of contentment derived from colour and texture. These elements work together well and portray the beating heart of Africa.

Anthony Russell-Kenyan Artist.

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