Somali Women in Marine Conservation (SWIM) - “Turning tides in Somalia”
My mission is to strengthen the role of Somali women in conservation
- Conservation Lawyer: Khadija Hassan

SWIM Exhibition – London – 25th April 2012

Anthony Russell, in partnership with LC Kvaal, invites you to the London premiere of his latest collection of work produced to raise funds for Somali women in
marine conservation (SWIM). 
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Khadija HassanKhadija Hassan is a Kenyan lawyer born and raised in Nairobi, with a passion to protect Africa’s natural resources from overexploitation and degradation. She has drafted maritime security legislation for the Somali transitional federal government to energise the movement to protect Somalia’s coastal and marine resources. Her work seeks to place Somali women in forefront of the conservation movement and to promote eco friendly livelihoods for impoverished Somali coastal communities. Anthony Russell vividly gives artist expression to an unheard voice.

The Art:

SWIMKhadija lends her beauty to kick-start her quest to educate Somali women on the utilisation of Somali coastal and marine resources for their livelihoods in a sustainable manner. Funds raised from the SWIM exhibition will go to conservation projects managed by Somali women. Going against the grain of this man’s country where blood spills faster then words spoken. "rough her eyes every woman sees this troubled place She sees red at the destruction of her environment, but her world is a place were peace overrides anger and productive days at one with nature full fill her.

The SWIM exhibition explores the relationship between women and nature, one that is a holistic connection. Khadija is a role model for all women who want to make a difference. Photographs and art by Anthony Russell are a unique combination of visually captivating images immersed in nature that create a window into the very heart of an African woman. "rough the luxury of art that rouses the soul each one-off piece will provide to make some change for a peaceful Somalia. A woman’s dream can become her reality.

The Artist: Anthony Russell

Anthony RussellAnthony Russell was born and raised in Kenya and educated in the UK where he studied design and pursued his passion in architectural restoration. But it was not long before the wilderness called Anthony back to his homeland where he decided to combine his interest in design, architecture and conservation through tourism. Anthony, named "the Andre Balazs of Africa" by Domino magazine, has designed and built luxury safari camps including world renowed Shompole Lodge. Anthony has had several successful exhibitions to date. Anthony now plans to exhibit around the world with each exhibition providing for a different cause for conservation in Africa. His underlying aim is to help preserve the culture of African people and wildlife. His art is a gift that celebrates and honours the African continent. Creativity runs through his veins and through this art he has found a way to capture an audience and open their eyes to the fragile beauty of Africa. Where life and death run strong on close parallels. In this project he works alongside Khadija to raise her unheard voice to a wider audience to listen to the forgotten country Somalia. "There are many good people in Somalia who wish for the same peace the western world has. Khadija’s funds will go to her SWIM foundation which will support and fund Somali women’s conservation projects. Anthony recognised this passion within her and sees the beauty she has inner and outer. "We can all make a difference and still do what we love to do; create."


SWIM Exhibition in Pictures

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