Anthony Russell

“Your artwork hits home to me because it’s struck in sepia tones ~ I love the use of collage and your technique employs the use of many of my favourite images i.e. :- Lions and women”

Ronnie Wood – Artist, Musician – Rolling Stone

“Anthony Russell’s work is like blood on the road, Raw, Reckless, Pure. It comes from the place that is elemental and timeless. It is Sex and Death. His work is unlike any others ~ the sacred ritual integral to each of us. He has reclaimed with his work that which we in the western world have so sadly lost. This is the link. You feel it.”

Patricia Arquette – Actress

“Anthony Russell’s art has a haunting quality about it. The sepia tones hark back to old colonial times, sharply contrasting with vivid tribal images and large iconic photographs of wild life, the whole fusing into a passionate and poignant tribute to conservationism in Africa. The resulting contrast of cultures and colours, as well as the unique to the artist use of different media, imbue the canvasses with powerful sensuality, muted yet palpable danger, and a potent sense of what Africa is about – a continent of contradictions, raw earthiness and compelling beauty like no other.”

Vassilissa Conway – Art Editor, B Beyond Magazine

“Dearest Ant, you never fail to amaze. Such freedom of mind and spirit. Such rawness and creative zeal, such generosity and humour. You have always been an inspired creator of dwellings and manifestor of dreams and now we have your art which romantically reminds us of the passions and excitements of a privileged life in the heart of East Africa. Thank you.”

Bruce Parry – TV Personality