About Anthony

Born and raised in Kenya and the UK, Anthony is an artist, designer, musician, philanthropist and conservationist with a passion for lions and Masai culture. Anthony has drawn upon a lifetime of experience in the African wilderness, a deep knowledge of tribal culture and a rebellious and artistic spirit to create some of Africa’s most desirable and iconic Art. Anthony’s public exhibitions and discreet private shows give a substantial percentage of the proceeds to philanthropic initiatives benefiting conservation.

Each series in his collection has been created using photographic images of memorable moments, connections with the natural world, animals and people collected over a thirty-year span. Working mostly with sepia tones, sharply contrasted with vivid tribal images and large iconic photographs, the combination is fused with a unique use of different media. Acrylic and ochre paints, ash from Maasai fires. Organic copper and gold powders. Natural inks contrast with ostrich shell beads and old antique artifacts from across the continent. African butterflies from old collections mirror the colors of feathers and against the stark whites Kisongo beadwork. The many layers of subtle textures are combined as a background. These are layered by hand, thumb and brush and the occasional spontaneous splash of paint.

Anthony’s art is a gift that celebrates and honours the African continent and through his work he has found a way to capture an audience and open their eyes to the beauty of Africa. His art has a haunting quality about it and the canvases, imbued with a powerful sensuality, portray a potent sense of what Africa is about – a continent of contradictions, raw earthiness and a compelling beauty like no other.

The luminous and rich quality of the art is much like Africa: magically appealing, mysterious and dimensional.